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BREEOLOGY: Valentine’s Inspo

Valentine’s Day inspires us to plan one special day that shows the person we love that they mean the world to us! Planning a Valentine’s to remember takes time and effort though. For me and my guy, I came up with 3 different ideas for dates that would make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable  - AND, which of my favorite new Spring 2014 O’Neill Women’s outfits I’d wear on each date.

Hopefully my V-Day ideas for dates and styles will help spark some ideas for you too! Check em out:

OUTFIT: Lovely Tank, Johnny Skirt, Sadie Tote Bag
BREEOLOGY: Valentines Inspo
I always feel as though doing something out of the ordinary means more… So instead of heading to that crowded restaurant,  pack some cheese, bread, salad and a nice bottle of wine and spread a blanket out on the beach and snuggle up with that special someone…

OUTFIT: Suvanna Tank, Hana Sweater, Wesley Shorts
BREEOLOGY: Valentines Inspo
When I can wear that comfy outfit, somehow that is truly my idea of a blissful Valentine’s night. Maybe my guy is unique, but he loves when I wear a big oversized sweater, shorts and sandals instead of a too-tight dress and heels any night, especially on Valentine’s Dat! So order that pizza, find a movie both of you enjoy watching and make that super decadent chocolate dessert to feed him at the end of the night! I promise most guys would rather be comfortable, not break the bank, and just spend some quality time with their girl on Valentine’s…

OUTFIT: Journey Dress
BREEOLOGY: Valentines Inspo
If you really want a night out on V-day, maybe find that quaint local place that has a cool acoustic musician playing or is set on the water so you can sit sipping drinks, sharing tapas and watching the sunset together…


But the most exciting, significant and challenging relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. So treat yourself with affection this Valentine’s Day and splurge on something that makes you feel like the special person you are.
For me, it was a brand-new O’Neill bikini: Abstract Floral Ruffle Top, Abstract Floral Thick Tie Bottoms
BREEOLOGY: Valentines Inspo

And if you can find someone to love the true you…Well then that’s just fabulous. And hold on tight…

This girl found a true diamond and feels lucky to have him every single day of the year! BREEOLOGY: Valentines Inspo

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Xoxo, Bree

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#TodayIsPerfect Contest Week 3 Semifinalist Winner!

#TodayIsPerfect Contest Week 3 Semifinalist Winner!

And we have another winner! This week’s #TodayIsPerfect semifinalist winner is 20-year-old Texan Chloe McAndrew!

Chloe’s winning photo reminds us that even the briefest of moments can hold overwhelming amounts of power & the ability to create life-long memories of happiness.

A student at St. Edwards University in Austin, Chloe’s passions include surfing, art, longboarding, listening to music, traveling, and hanging out with friends. Travel, however, is Chloe’s biggest passion and her main future aspiration in life. One day, she hopes to backpack across Europe, move to New Zealand and travel all over the world. It’s no secret that her idea of the ULTIMATE perfect day would involve some major jet-setting, traveling adventures and exploring of exotic far-away places…

When we asked Chloe to describe her winning photo entry, she told us:

“This was taken at Waimea Bay on the island of Oʻahu in Hawaii. This photo represents a perfect day because it pretty much sums up the amazing summer I had with my friends in one image.This photo was taken on one of the last days that my friends and I were going to be on the island together. Out of all of the photos I took during the duration of the summer this one was my favorite. It truly captured the essence of how perfect life can be if you get a chance to look at all the beautiful things around you.”

We couldn’t agree more that her photo truly captures the essence of #TodayIsPerfect! Chloe will receive an O’Neill prize pack and gets her photo featured here on our blog and on O’Neill Women’s social media! She’ll be one of the 7 semifinalists who will go on to compete in the finals round in March for a chance to win the grand prize of the ULTIMATE perfect day (value of $5,000)!

Enter NOW or Learn More: www.oneillclothing.com/todayisperfect 

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Kiana’s Valentine’s Picks: Date Night Dresses

Are you still looking for the perfect dress to wear on Valentine’s Day? Look no further…O’Neill team rider & fashionista Kiana Fores has got you covered. Whether you have a romantic date planned, or a night of dancing with your girls, Kiana shares her favorite O’Neill dress picks that are perfect for anything you’ve got going on Valentine’s Day.

Read on to see which styles Kiana loves and why they’re her faves (…and get them for yourself too!):

Kianas Valentines Picks: Date Night Dresses
The BABE dress is one of my faves because its colors aren’t too bright, semi festive for that lovely romantic date night coming up!  A sunset stroll in this dress with your mate and the lovely open back makes you feel free and lovely!

Kianas Valentines Picks: Date Night Dresses
The COCOA dress is beautifully pink and perfect for Valentine’s Day! It’s simple and great for the day time when you receive all those flowers and secret admirer cards! It can also be worn with the Candice top to add a fresh, unique feel to the look.

Kianas Valentines Picks: Date Night Dresses
Helloooo CHANTEL dress! Ready to get frisky on that dance floor! This dress screams fun with a splash of sexy! You wear it and want to go dance. Pair with some wedges or booties (I’m wearing the Taylor Boots here) and you’ll be dancing away in the moonlight!

Kianas Valentines Picks: Date Night Dresses
To keep it simple & confident, you can’t go wrong with the ANNIKA dress. It has a sweet and delightful feel, and it has a great flow to it. You really can’t beat the comfort, as the fabric is so soft. The contrast between the floral pattern and the solid black makes this dress playful but still sophisticated. You can go with your hair up or down. A truly versatile dress for any occasion!

Make it a perfect day and a Valentine’s Day to remember! You can find these dresses and many more on the O’Neill Valentine’s Shop:

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#TodayIsPerfect Contest Week 2 Semifinalist Winner!

#TodayIsPerfect Contest Week 2 Semifinalist Winner!

CONGRATULATIONS to Erika Alatorre, week 2 semifinalist winner of our #TodayIsPerfect photo contest!

Erika’s photo shows us that, to her, a “perfect day” is being outside and checking the waves (& the conditions are awesome).

She’s a 21 year old college student at University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW), and loves the fact that her campus is just a few short minutes from the beach. Originally a West Coast native, Erika moved to the East Coast when she was 13. One of her biggest goals is to eventually move back to the West Coast, as she feels in her heart that California is where she belongs.

Although she hopes to make it back out to California one day, her winning photo actually represents her love for her current town of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. According to Erika, the scenery, beauty, water, the locals, surf competitions and water sports that the town supports makes the town PERFECT.

Her winning photo represents her love for the little gem she gets to call home, as well as the ocean and everything it offers. In Erika’s words, “my life revolves around the sun, sand and the sea…and that alone makes every day a perfect day for me.”

Another thing that stood out about Erika’s winning entry was the caption that accompanied her photo: a quote by Kent Nerburn that we feel truly encompasses the essence of “Today Is Perfect”:

“We are conditioned to think that our lives revolve around great moments. But great moments often catch us unaware — beautifully wrapped in what others may consider a small one.”

A dedicated photographer, Erika’s main hobby is capturing her world through a camera lens. She tells us: “I’ve always been obsessed with cameras-photography and even videography to document trips and adventures, or even just friends at home who surf for hours when a good swell comes through, with clips I would manage to get. The process of putting everything together and editing is definitely a thrill! Which brings me to my next goal and aspiration of finding a career in some type of media field and/or marketing & advertising, so we’ll see! I also plan to travel the world so I can experience different cultures, try new foods, see new terrain, meet new people, and just live in the moment. As cliche as it might sound, I want to do my best to live my life to the fullest!”

As a semifinalist, Erika has won an O’Neill prize pack, and has her photo featured here on our blog AND O’Neill Women’s social media. She’ll have a 1 in 7 chance to win the grand prize of her ULTIMATE perfect day, valued at $5,000.

For YOUR chance to enter, go to: www.oneillclothing.com/TodayIsPerfect


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LOOKS TO LOVE: The Valentine’s Shop

LOOKS TO LOVE: The Valentines Shop

Whether your valentine is your best friend, beau, or the great outdoors…we’ve got the perfect styles for any way you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Get LOOKS TO LOVE in our Valentine’s Shop. Check out some of our favorite picks for 3 different V-Day occasions:

Romantic dresses that’ll make him sweep you off your feet!

LOOKS TO LOVE: The Valentines Shop     LOOKS TO LOVE: The Valentines Shop     LOOKS TO LOVE: The Valentines Shop

Make a statement in a stylish graphic tee and your fave accessory — your BFF.

LOOKS TO LOVE: The Valentines Shop

Because love is an adventure…whether you’re climbing mountains or taming oceans

LOOKS TO LOVE: The Valentines Shop     LOOKS TO LOVE: The Valentines Shop     LOOKS TO LOVE: The Valentines Shop


Wishing you & your loved ones a very Happy Valentine’s Day!


O’Neill Women’s

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Claire Wright: Singer, Songwriter, O’Neill Ambassador

Claire Wright: Singer, Songwriter, ONeill Ambassador

O’Neill is proud to welcome our newest music ambassador, Claire Wright. We sat down with the talented Sacramento native to get the scoop on everything Claire:

O’Neill: Hi Claire, Welcome to O’Neill! The first question I think everyone wants to know is how old are you?

Claire: Hello! Thank you so much for having me! Very stoked to be here. I am 17 years old.

O:  Wow, you’re so young! Why did you start singing?

C: I have always loved performing and singing/songwriting is the perfect infusion of performing and creative expression. There is nothing more liberating than writing a song and performing it for a crowd. I just love the feeling

O: Where do you get your inspiration from, for your music?

C: There are a lot of different aspects that inspire my songwriting process. But, my songs are always rooted in a moment of deep emotion. When something tugs at my heart strings or impacts me in a new way, you can bet I will be sitting with my guitar and working on a new song right away.

O: Who are some of your favorite musicians?

C: It’s hard to say because I listen to a very broad span of genres. I love rap, pop, classic rock, house music, you name it. But, right now I am really into One Republic, Shwayze, Steve Miller Band, Santigold, and Passenger!

O: What song do you like best from your latest E.P, Icon of Freedom?

C: I would have to say I like my original song, Chemistry best out of the songs on my EP! I feel so empowered when I hear it. The lyrics and production are very bold and confident so, it’s a pretty rad feeling when I sing it too!

O: I loved all 3 songs, but Chemistry was my favorite too! What are some of your hopes and dreams for the future?

C: I am a huge dreamer so a list all of my hopes and dreams would probably be equivalent to the length of an encyclopedia! But, mainly I hope to stay true to who I am and reach a point in my music career where I am in a place of influence. I would also like to travel to places I have never been before!

O: How would you describe your personal style?

C: I like to think I have a pretty laid back/ California girl style. My ideal outfit is a beachy dress, flip-flops, tons of jewelry, and wavy hair! But, I also love to switch up my style and try new things! Fashion is a form of art in my opinion.

O: Besides music, what are some of your hobbies?

C: When I’m not playing music, I am usually adventuring with friends or traveling. I love seeing new parts of this beautiful world and I also just love to kick back and laugh with new and old friends.

O: Are you still in school?

C: Yes, I just graduated high school a year early in 2013. I am a freshman in college at William Jessup University. I hope to transfer to a school in Southern California and study Communications-Cinema Arts.

O: Congrats on graduating early! That’s an amazing accomplishment.

Claire Wright: Singer, Songwriter, ONeill Ambassador

Thank you so much Claire for taking time out of your bust schedule to interview with us. Welcome to O’Neill!

You can check Claire’s music out on Itunes HERE

Watch Claire’s newest music video on YouTube

Claire Wright: Singer, Songwriter, ONeill Ambassador

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#TodayIsPerfect Contest Week 1 Semifinalist Winner!

#TodayIsPerfect Contest Week 1 Semifinalist Winner!

Congratulations to Gabs Dormio — our 1st #TodayIsPerfect photo contest weekly semifinalist winner!

Gabs’ photo shows us that her idea of a perfect day is wandering in grassy fields with her hair blowing free. We love the originality and artistic vibe of her pic!

As a 19 year old Maryland native, Gabs attends college and enjoys body boarding, skateboarding, modeling, yoga, singing, painting, tanning, and making conch shell and sea glass jewelry. Her dream is to learn how to surf, and her passion is the ocean, science, and art.

We asked Gabs to tell us a little more about the inspiration behind her winning photo. Here is what she had to say:

“This photo  shows my idea of a perfect day with one word: FREEDOM. Ok.. one word just isn’t enough! AAAND serenity, sunsets, grasslands as far as the eye could see, beaches and the perfect waves, skateboards, long hair and giving absolutely no care but every care at the same time towards these amazing beings we are and hold the precious gift of life. This day was seriously too perfect, the picture can’t even captivate how amazing it was. I was surrounded by my favorite people, at my favorite place, at sunset.. it was truly the perfect ending to the p e r f e c t day!”

As a semifinalist, Gabs has won an O’Neill prize pack, and, as you can see, has her photo featured here on our blog & O’Neill Women’s social media.

Gabs will be 1 of the 7 semifinalists who will compete in the final round for a chance to win their ULTIMATE perfect day (value of $5,o00!)

To enter the contest or learn more, go to: www.oneillclothing.com/TodayIsPerfect



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BREEOLOGY: Carribean with Surfing Mag

Welcome to BREEOLOGY – a brand-new column on our blog, written by our gorgeous & talented team rider Bree Kleintop! Follow Bree as she gives us a look inside all areas of her life — from surf contests to photo shoots, to fitness, fashion & beauty tips. BREEOLOGY is the place on O’Neill Women’s blog to find all things Bree Kleintop! 

Ready below to enjoy the very 1st BREEOLOGY post:

I now know where Never-Never Land is…British Virgin Islands. Here’s a little peak into my dreamy Caribbean adventure with Surfing Magazine and an amazing crew of people!

1. What girl doesn’t love a crystal clear aqua colored, warmer than belief, long right-handed wave? Especially when you pull up in a 45ft. catamaran to it firing…It was love at first sight.

BREEOLOGY: Carribean with Surfing Mag

2. What girl doesn’t love when every OOTD is a bikini? Especially when you have the cutest new O’Neill Women’s bikinis overflowing out of your suitcase…Yes please! I came milky white and left a glowing shade of cafe au lait BREEOLOGY: Carribean with Surfing Mag

BREEOLOGY: Carribean with Surfing Mag

3. What girl doesn’t love having her gorgeous boyfriend right be her side in Paradise? Especially when he calls you into perfect waves then serenades you as the sun sets.

BREEOLOGY: Carribean with Surfing Mag

4. What girl doesn’t love sharing stories, non stop laughter and great times on an amazing catamaran in a beautiful place with an even better group of friends?

BREEOLOGY: Carribean with Surfing Mag

5. But most of all this girl realizes how extremely blessed she is and is so excited to share with you her adventures.

Please follow along with my Breeology blog spot and see where they take me next! Xx

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Meet Veronica! December’s O’Neill Girl of the Month

Meet Veronica! Decembers ONeill Girl of the Month


Congratulations to Veronica Charles, the O’Neill Girl of the Month winner for December 2013!

A Sunshine State native, this fun-loving 16-year-old calls St. Augustine, FL her home. She’s an artist and a true O’Neill Girl at heart with a love for creativity and the great outdoors — particularly writing poetry, painting, photography, watching the sunrise and being at the beach. Veronica aims to stay true to her passions by aspiring to be a swimsuit designer one day. We asked Veronica to tell us more about herself and her style…check out what she has to say:

“I consider myself an O’Neill Girl because I like to keep a carefree mindset, and let nature’s good vibes inspire me to do great things.”

My 3 favorite O’Neill Girls products are:
1. 365 Cella Long sleeve Surfsuit (I absolutely adore it!)
2. Wanderlust ruffle pant bottoms
3. Lanai hipster bottoms

My fashion icon is Rebekah Steen (of Goldfish Kiss). I love how she always incorporates something beachy in her outfits!

My favorite inspirational quote is: “You can’t discover new oceans without the courage to leave the shore”- Anonymous

SEE HOW YOU CAN BE NEXT MONTH’S O’NEILL GIRL! ENTER TODAY AT: http://oneillgirls.com/girl-of-the-month/.

*Contest open to US residents only. Only one photo per entry per month. Photos must be real photos of participants.

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