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The San Fran Sweater Featured in Who What Wear!

The San Fran Sweater Featured in Who What Wear!

Nothing is better than a great sweater with an even better price tag. Get cozy this season with the San Fran sweater, part of our Holiday 2013 Collection, as seen in Who What Wear’s “100 Awesome Finds All Under $100!”

*Who What Wear is the definitive authority for trend-setting fashionistas and their followers between the ages of 18-34 – this multi-media brand has quickly become the essential resource among tastemakers everywhere and is beloved by numerous stylish celebrities such as Rachel Bilson and Nicole Richie, all the while, appealing to all young women with its inclusive voice and approachable take on fashion, celebrity and style.
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Hayley Sales to Release New Album!

Hayley Sales to Release New Album!

Hayley is wearing the Camden Jacket

Growing up on an organic blueberry farm was far from the Hollywood glitz and glam, but Singer-songwriter and O’Neill Girl’s Music Ambassador Hayley Sales was born to sing. Since her days on stage at her school plays in Vancouver British Colombia, Hayley Sales has toured the world, released two records with a major label and is now gearing up to make the album of her dreams.

“For an artist to have full creative range on a record is so rare these days and I am so excited to get my fans involved!” says Hayley. “I couldn’t have a clearer vision of how I want this next album to sound. I have become re-enchanted with my earliest musical influences– Judy Garland, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, just to name a few.”

Hayley has  joined forces with PledgeMusic.com to fan fund this upcoming album, set to begin recording next month. What does that mean? It means she needs YOUR help to make her dream album come true. In exchange for your support, you can receive exclusive updates including behind the scenes footage of the recording process and special exclusives like signed copies of the new album, private music lessons and/or chat over Skype, backstage passes, a signed Yamaha acoustic guitar, special thank you recognition in the new album’s liner notes, a house concert, even a co-producer credit on the album!*

Pledge your support today at: www.pledgemusic.com/projects/hayleysales

More information on Hayley Sales available at: www.facebook.com/hayleysalesofficial

*thank you to our friends at 75 management for the info!

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Surfer Poll: Vote Malia Manual!

Surfer Poll: Vote Malia Manual!

The 43rd Annual Surfer Poll in now open! Get the chance to get your voice heard. The voting window closes Nov 1, 2013, so get your vote on!  Log on to Surferpoll.com today and don’t forget to vote Malia Manuel!

About the Poll: Each year, SURFER Poll honors the Top 10 Men and Top 5 Women, as chosen by YOU. Type in the names of your favorite surfers above to cast your vote. Weekly prizes from FIAT, GoPro, Martin Guitars, and Marley Headphones will be given away to a lucky voter each week. One ballot per person please.

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Pick your Discount this Weekend Only!

Pick your Discount this Weekend Only!

This weekend only, shop, save, and donate a percentage of your purchase to spread breast cancer awareness. YOU pick the discount! The lower the discount, the more you donate. Choose a 10% discount and donate 30% to Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC). Choose a 20% discount and donate 20% to B4BC. Or choose a 30% discount and donate 10% B4BC. *includes sale items.  

Shop now!

Did you know that B4BC has their own team of professional boarding women that support their cause? Our very own Malia Manuel
is proud to be part of a such great movement. “I think each of us has an opportunity to give back to something they’re passionate about…My goal is to have people become more aware about making a difference for themselves and the world in the fight against Breast Cancer.”

Learn more about B4BC at http://b4bc.org/about/

About B4BC

B4BC (Boarding for Breast Cancer) is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation dedicated to providing education, prevention and support programs for young people and the action sports community at large. Through grassroots events, year-round educational outreach and the Survivorship Fund, B4BC is able to further its mission of promoting early detection + a healthy, active lifestyle as the best means of breast cancer prevention.

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Hayley Sales At the House of Blues!

Hayley Sales At the House of Blues!

Don’t miss Hayley Sales this Saturday, October 12th at the Voodoo Lounge at the House of Blues in Los Angeles and Sunday, October 13th at St. Rocke in Hermosa Beach. Buy your tickets now at http://www.hayleysales.com/tour/.

Show Info:

Voodoo Lounge
(House of Blues)
Sat, October 12th
8430 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

St. Rocke
Sunday, October 13th
42 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254


Follow Hayley!


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Battle of the Paddle with Fiona Wylde

Battle of the Paddle with Fiona Wylde

Fiona Wydle was born to compete. With an already successful wind surfing career at age 16, Fiona Wylde adds yet another water sport to her roster: Stand Up Paddle boarding. This past weekend Fiona competed in one of the largest SUP races in the world, Battle of the Paddle. Experience the epic race though the eyes of this elite athlete!

To most, Battle of the Paddle is the race of the year. People flock to Dana Point, California to participate and watch the carnage of the elite race and to witness the top athletes of Stand Up Paddle boarding battle it out. The event itself is one of the largest SUP races in the world, with over 450 open competitors and close to 200 elite competitors.

This was my second time competing in the elite race. Battle of the Paddle is a unique race, because it divides the elite competitors in two and runs two preliminary heats. The top 50% (both men and women) from each heat advance to the final. Last year, I did not advance to the final, but this year, I competed in the first preliminary race.

Once the horn blew, myself and one hundred other people ran to the water, threw our boards down and sprinted as fast as we could away from the beach. The water was like a washing machine! The idea of “smooth water” was out of the question. People were bumping boards, falling off, and running into each other. It was mayhem!

Right at the start, one guy fell right in front of me and his board landed on top of mine. When his board hit, it pushed me in line to T-bone him directly in the hip. I apologized, he was fine and I kept paddling. Battle has so many cool things, but the biggest draw is the surf aspect. You had to complete two and a half laps, so every lap you had to paddle out through the surf, around a course, in through the surf, run through the chicane, then paddle back out again.

The most exciting buoy is called the Hammer Buoy, which is a 180 degree turn placed right in the impact zone of the pitchiest part of the wave. On my first lap rounding this buoy I was in between waves. I was too far out to catch the first one but two far in to catch the second.  So there I was, watching fifteen people try to turn twelve and a half foot race boards around the one buoy in front of me. Only two people made it around and the rest were strewn all over the place. Then I looked behind me to see a shoulder high wave just about to break with another fifteen or so people on it. There was nothing I could do. Right as the wave got to me, I sat down covered my head and watched race boards fly by my face. When the white water pushed me I dug my legs into the wave to try to slow my forward momentum. Now the racecourse in front of me looked like a battlefield. I quickly jumped up, did a fast backside buoy turn and sprinted out of there just as the third wave broke behind me.

Battle of the Paddle with Fiona Wylde

 Most of the buoy turns at the Hammer Buoy were like that – pure carnage. I made it through the preliminary heat, third out of the Elite Women, so I advanced to the final. After having a terrible start in the final, I worked my way up from 20th to 11th by the finish. Every time I went around the Hammer Buoy in the final, I just got annihilated.  However, I am very happy to have finished 11th in the strongest field in the world.

Sunday was the distance race of Battle of the Paddle. A little cold had knocked me down the night before, so I wasn’t feeling so great. I was even considering not racing. But when push came to shove, I found myself warming up and preparing my board. I was uneasy of how I was going to hold up, but there’s only one way to find out, right?

I had an awesome start! I was the first woman to round the buoy outside the surf. From there it was a five mile leg down to the turn around buoy, then back. The top two women caught up to me and I jumped on their draft train.  About two miles into the race, I partnered up with another group and we worked together for the rest of the race. I was sitting in fifth place when all of a sudden a girl paddled up behind me about four hundred meters before the finish line. I wasn’t going to give up my top five finish so close to the end of a ten-mile race. We were sprinting it out, and she got a board length ahead of me. Unfortunately for us, there were no big sets that rolled through for us to gracefully surf in and sprint up the beach to determine the top five elite women. I kept paddling, and about fifteen yards before the beach a little bump rolled through that I sprinted to get on. I got on it and so did she. All that was left was to sprint 10 meters up the beach. As we hit the sand, I sprinted, not looking back. The girl beside me stumbled when hitting the sand making it so I would finish fifth by five seconds. I am beyond happy that I pushed my unsure feelings aside and did just the best I could. I had fun in this race and I am overjoyed to have finished in the top five and make the podium at Battle of the Paddle!

This race has been an eye opener for me. I now know what I need to train for and how to build up my endurance. I am really looking forward to next year, but in the mean time the racing season is over for me. Now it’s time to recover from this race and get ready for the winter!

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Meet Bree Kleintop & Cait Barker!

Meet Bree Kleintop & Cait Barker!

Meet O’Neill Girl’s team rider Bree Kleintop & fashionista YouTube Vlogger Cait Barker on Friday, October 4th at the grand opening of West Marine in Newport Beach!

Where: West Marine  3433 Via Lido, Newport Beach, CA

When: 1 pm – 4 pm

Come early and get an O’Neill trucker hat! See you there!

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O’Neill Girl of the Month- October!

ONeill Girl of the Month  October!

Congratulations to Grace Tankard from Staunton, VA for being this month’s O’Neill Girl!

“I consider myself an O’Neill Girl, because I live life to the fullest, always have a positive attitude, and love to try new things.”

When this superstar isn’t running indoor or outdoor track, cross country, playing golf or soccer at her local high school, she enjoys fishing, surfing, sailing, skiing, eating, hiking, and hanging out with my friends. With a true passion for travel,  Grace was able to visit Honduras this past summer with her church. Her visit changed her perspective on life.

In the future, Graces plans to move to a foreign country to help needy children learn English and put smiles on their faces.

Congrats Grace!

Want to be the next O’Neill Girl of the Month? Enter HERE!

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