Fashion Tip Friday-Ode to Dresses

Fashion Tip Friday Ode to Dresses

What to wear? What to wear? At O’Neill Girls we like to say, “When in doubt wear a dress!”

We’re currently drooling over the WILLOW dress. The magenta color is just right for spring and is an easy transitional color for summer.

To mellow out the bright hue pair your outfit with a darker crossbody bag like the CASSIA purse.

Have a more formal occasion? Throw on some wedges for a dressier look. Try the ETERNAL WEDGE like Bree above . They are comfortable, cute, and simple.

For more outfit ideas log on to our Style Guide!

Happy Shopping!

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Malia Manuel’s MVP- Momma Manuel

Malia Manuels MVP  Momma Manuel

As Mother’s Days approaches, we remember all that is wonderful of the women we call our mothers.

With all the scrapes, bruises, and broken hearts we’ve experienced in our lives, mom has always been the one to our rescue.

O’Neill surf pro, Malia Manuel can’t agree more. With her intense training regimen and her crazy travel schedule, Momma Manuel has come to be Malia’s home away from home and her MVP.

Malia Manuels MVP  Momma Manuel

My mom started taking me to contests when I was 8 years old. It became my mom’s habit to accompany me to contests since my dad always had to work on the weekends. Fast forward 11 years later, I’m on the World Tour and we’re still traveling together.

Malia Manuels MVP  Momma Manuel

It’s really comforting to have someone so close travel with you. It’s like your own slice of home while you’re away. A lot of people on Tour travel with their family members because it’s much easier to be on your own schedule and do what you want without imposing on a friend.

Malia Manuels MVP  Momma Manuel

Our families really help a lot of us on Tour because they’re willing to sacrifice everything for you and that’s the kind of support you need when you’re on the World Tour.

Malia Manuels MVP  Momma Manuel

The surfers sacrifice a lot themselves and to have the support and comfort of family means a lot.

Malia Manuels MVP  Momma Manuel

I’m so thankful to have her by my side and get to experience all the wonderful opportunities with her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!!



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Mother’s Day DIY – Mason Jar Madness

Mothers Day DIY   Mason Jar Madness

You see them EVERYWHERE…restaurants, kitchens, and even as home decor. Mason Jars are the new DIY favorite!

This Mother’s Day make your mom feel special with something crafty.

Does your mom love to bake? Sew? Garden? Have a sweet tooth? Or is an extreme organizer? With our Mason Jar Madness DIY, you’ll be the favorite child in no time!

Mom’s Favorite Hot Cocoa

Mothers Day DIY   Mason Jar Madness

What you’ll need (serves 4 cups):


Not into Hot Cocoa? Try the S’mores Ready Kit. Fill your mason jar with chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows. Decorate jar same as above.

Mom’s Trail Mix

Mothers Day DIY   Mason Jar Madness

What you’ll need:

  • 1/4 cup whole shelled (unpeeled) almonds
  • 1/4 cup unsalted dry-roasted peanuts
  • 1/4 cup dried cranberries
  • 1/4 cup chopped pitted dates
  • 2 ounce dried apricots, or other dried fruit


Because mom mends everything.. make her her own  Sewing Kit!

Mothers Day DIY   Mason Jar Madness

Keep it simple. Go to your local grocery store and get your mom a bouquet of flowers. Place them in a mason jar, add water, and your bouquet just got more personalized!

Mothers Day DIY   Mason Jar Madness

Make mom feel special this Mother’s Day!

Have any questions? Let us know!


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Fashion Tip Friday- Adventure Wear

Fashion Tip Friday  Adventure Wear

12-Time Olympic Medalist & O’Neill 365 Ambassador Natalie Coughlin

Swimming, hiking, and a beautiful beach side run await you. What to wear? O’Neill 365 Hybrid Collection provides the sun protection of sunscreen,* the comfort of a swim suit and the technology of a quick drying garment all in one outfit. Skip the bulk and let nature take you on your next adventure.

What’s your #oneillAdventure? Mother nature awaits.

Enter the #oneillAdventure Sweepstakes and get the chance to win an adventure prize pack.

Sweepstakes Rules:

  • Follow O’Neill Girls on Facebook and Intsagram @oneillgirls
  • Upload your adventure photo on your Instagram and tag @oneillgirls and hashtag #oneillgirls AND #oneillAdventure
  • We will post our favorite submissions on Saturdays and will announce one monthly grand prize winner that will win an O’Neill Adventure prize pack.
  • Remember that we can’t see your photo if your profile is set to private.


*The O’Neill 365 Hybrid  Collection contains UV 50 sun protection that will provide continuous sun protection without washing off. We advise to wear sunscreen on parts of the body that are directly exposed to the sun.

Fashion Tip Friday  Adventure Wear

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DIY With Hayley Sales!

DIY With Hayley Sales!

Hayley Sales is wearing the MIA DRESS

With a musically talented father and a professionally trained dancing mother, O’Neill Girls muse and singer/songwriter Hayley Sales was born to perform.

Check out her easy art DIY!

Here’s what you need:

  • Magazine
  • Scissors and/or a X Acto Knife*
  • Glue Stick
  • Cardboard
  • Marker
  • Paper


DIY With Hayley Sales!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Find a shape you would like to use. Print it and cut it out.
  2. Trace the shape onto the cardboard with the marker.
  3. Tear out a few magazine pages and cut the pages into strips.
  4. Glue the magazine stripes inside the shape of the cardboard.
  5. Once finished, carefully cut out the shape with the X Acto knife OR scissors
  6. Poof! You’re done! It’s makes a great wall decoration by itself or in  a picture frame!


DIY With Hayley Sales!

DIY With Hayley Sales!

DIY With Hayley Sales!

 DIY With Hayley Sales!

Check out why we love Hayley! Her album is currently available to download on iTunes!

Around the LA area May 3rd? See her live! Buy tickets HERE.

*please use caution when using an X Acto knife

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