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Fashion Tip Friday

Fashion Tip Friday

In the mood for an easy and fashionable hair style this summer? Us too!!!! There is a sneaky trick to making that perfect looking bun! Check out this “How To”!

What You’ll Need:
-1 sock
-1 pair of scissors
-1 hair tie

How To Do It Yourself:
Step 1: Cut the toe of the sock off.

Step 2: Roll the sock into a doughnut shape.

Step 3: Put your hair up in a pony tail.

Sep 4: Slide the sock onto the end of your pony tail.

Step 5: Roll the sock down the ponytail gathering your hair along with it and tucking it into the sock along the way.

Step 6: Roll it all the way down to your head and pin as desired.

Fashion Tip Friday

Fashion Tip Friday
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  • Now you don’t have to toss the one sock when its mate goes missing. (;

    Britt July 13th
  • Love this! So easy to do too :)

    Kate August 21st
  • Could you explain or show how to roll the sock a bit better? I’m having trouble rolling it and feeding the hair through

    lauren August 28th
  • Marine/Navy women have been doing this for years. I’ve always wondered how.

    A.M.C. October 27th
  • I love Camerons jewelry!!! Where can I get those?

    Neea November 16th
  • Haha,sock?It’s funny and great :D

    Ann January 6th
  • My hair is finally getting long enough to pull this off, thank goodness!, but it’s still not as long as the model’s. Do I have to use a long sock like the one in the picture…as opposed to an ankle sock? Does the length of the sock correlate to the length of the hair?

    Haven Journal February 18th
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  • The SMALL Hunny Bun™ is perfect for Hunnies with fine/thinner hair because it creates a form/mold for the hair to attach itself too and literally creates an illusion that you have more hair than you actually do! Whether you want to create a messy bun, a top knot, or a ballerina bun, the Small Hunny Bun™ can help you achieve the look you desire even though you may not think your hair has the ability to do so! Also, since The Hunny Bun™ comes in three color options (Blonde Bombshell, ChocoHottie, Black Queen Bee) even if a tad bit of your bun is hard to cover, The Hunny Bun™ is the same color as your hair, so it blends right in! It’s hard to cover cotton if you’re trying to use a sock, isn’t it!? :)

    The Hunny Bun™ April 11th
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